Building the American Workforce by a16z


Cluster is the first marketplace for hardware companies to hire full-time engineers. Hire talent with expertise honed at top companies in climate tech, aerospace, automotive, robotics and more.

In the article "Building the American Workforce", Oliver Hsu, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, takes a look at how organizations are responding to the changing demands of the American workforce. Labor shortages across various industries are driving a need for new ways of educating, training and developing workers. Companies and nonprofit organizations are stepping in to bridge the gap between legacy systems and a new generation of workers to shape the future of work in America.

Cluster is one of many new companies building new job platforms, known as vertical labor marketplaces. Vertical labor marketplaces are focused on efficiently matching workers and employers in job markets that have traditionally faced a lot of friction or complexity. Along with companies focused on new education programs as well as new employment models, vertical labor marketplaces are part of a framework for workforce development needed to address shortages in the American workforce.

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