Interview Questions to Help You Identify Your Best Candidates


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An inconsistent and unstructured interview process is a common mistake that frustrates companies that are trying to rapidly scale their teams. Consistency helps make sure that hiring managers can evaluate each candidate based on the same criteria and that they have answers to all of the key areas they need to make a successful hire. 

Cheating this process leaves teams with a varied set of information on each candidate and frequently leads to indecision as evaluators are forced to compare people based on different sets of information. In the worst scenario, the team will uncover a major shortcoming after making a hire that should have been caught during their interviews. 

We’ve put together a guide to help you maintain consistency and structure throughout your hiring process. It consists of key questions that you should ask during every phone screen and includes great questions to identify key traits of people who will thrive at startups.

If you incorporate these questions into an interview plan that requires interviewers to cover the same topics with each candidate, you’ll do yourself and your team a huge favor when it comes time to make a hiring decision. A truly great team will consistently evaluate candidates post-hire and continually adjust the interview questions to help you quickly identify the best hires early and faster in your hiring cycle. 

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Published on
September 12, 2020