Musk Will Hire Dropouts, Stealth Space Company Declassifies, Starlink Likely to IPO

Lawren Henderson
Staff Writer at Cluster

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Lawmakers Propose Nationwide EV Charging Network

A poor charging infrastructure is often cited as slowing the adoption of electrical vehicles (EV) in America. But that could change if legislation proposed by House Representatives Andy Levin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez successfully makes its way through Congress. The “EV Freedom Act”  would create a network of high-speed charging stations along the national highway system. The bill is touted as a way of accelerating the shift from gasoline-powered vehicles toward zero-emission automobiles while creating good paying jobs.

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Feds Approve First Driverless Cars

The US Department of Transportation did Nuro a solid and granted the self-driving startup a special exemption from federal safety requirements. This means that the company’s R2 delivery vehicle is exempted from basic safety standards like steering wheels, pedals, and sideview mirrors. The egg-shaped R2 isn’t meant to transport human passengers, in fact, there’s no room for them. Rather, it’s designed to carry goods like groceries at low speed down public roads, directly to customers’ location. Nuro has been piloting its self-driving vehicles in Scottsdale, Arizona, and last year set up shop in Houston where it’s been making deliveries for Walmart, Domino’s, and Kroger.

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Elon Musk Cool with Hiring High School Dropouts  

Want to work at Tesla but dropped out of high school? That’s no problem for Elon Musk. The CEO is recruiting for Tesla's A.I. team and education is irrelevant. Musk said as much in a series of tweets where he revealed he’s searching for people with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. To get the job, all candidates must pass hardcore coding test, and those that fill the position will report directly to the chief while developing Tesla’s autonomous self-driving capabilities. To top things off, the eccentric billionaire says he’s  throwing a “super fun” party at his house with his A.I. team in about a month. We’re on the look out for our invitation. 

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“Stealth Space Company” Declassifies

For years, a covert aerospace startup has been operating as “Stealth Space Company” with workers developing small rockets in secret to avoid being rushed to meeting unrealistic deadlines. Now, the founders are ready for their closeup, unveiling the name of their venture, Astra, and sharing their goal of becoming the FedEx of space. Astra is creating small, cheap rockets that can deliver satellites into low-Earth orbit for as little as $1 million per launch. The cost is comparable to a SpaceX rideshare aboard its Falcon 9. But with Astra, clients would get a dedicated rocket akin to an UberX rather than an UberPool. Astra has penciled in Feb. 21 for its first launch, and if all goes well, regular spaceflights could ramp up in no time. 

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Musk Will Let You Invest Some Coins in Starlink

Missed out on Tesla’s bonkers stock run up this year? Good news is that you might still have a chance to get in on the ground floor of another Elon Musk venture. The president of SpaceX remarked during an investor conference that Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet business, is “likely to spin out” and go public. The private aerospace firm has been launching batches of internet-beaming satellites with 240 already circling the planet and as many as 25,000 planned for orbital insertion. Musk has iterated that Starlink will go online this year, and once operational, the business could provide a recurring revenue stream that could be funneled into SpaceX. 

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Published on
February 7, 2020