Weekly Roundup: Companies competing for labor, the advantages of diverse CEOs, and notes from the SoCal Aerospace Expo

Justin Parker
VP, Operations and Marketing

Cluster is the first marketplace for hardware companies to hire full-time engineers. Hire talent with expertise honed at top companies in climate tech, aerospace, automotive, robotics and more.

Each week, we select a handful of great reads covering advanced manufacturing and the people that make it possible.

Companies Using Unique Tools to Compete for Labor

In today’s tight labor market applicants are able to shop around for the best job available to them. When it comes to finding the perfect hire, companies are having to find ways to look more desirable. The Wallstreet Journal outlines the ways companies are setting themselves apart including college coaching and student loan repayment. At Cluster, we help to highlight the cultural aspects of each of our company partners so that applicants can get a good idea of what their lives will be like with their new gig (Artisanal Coffee Shop in the Lobby and great public school district, anyone?).

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Additive Manufacturing at Scale

Anyone not living under a rock has likely heard of 3D printing and even though the process is pretty well known, it is still mostly thought of as a quick fix to produce a unique piece quickly and not as a standard practice of manufacturing. However, the folks at Additive Manufacturing want to remind the general public that 3D printing of quality end-use parts at scale is upon us. Dive into exciting details about the state of current Additive Manufacturing, questions remaining about this new technology, and the direction in which it is likely headed below.

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Bad Month for Automakers

The impact of tariffs and the threat of future trade actions and the resulting rising input costs mean that cars are getting more expensive in the USA. Bloomberg warns that we have not yet hit the bottom. And things across the pond are no better, a hard “Brexit” will mean a bumpy ride for British automotive revenue. All of this congestion is leading automakers to look towards China in hopes of improved revenue, but all signs point to a shaky outlook for the Chinese car market.

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Economic Imperative of Diverse CEOs

Here at Cluster we are big believers in woman CEOs. Forbes outlines the many benefits of investing in diverse CEOs including innovation and business success (so, general success) with companies founded with at least 1 woman on the team performing at 63% better than all-male companies. They write: “we need to support all of the nation’s entrepreneurs—from all places, all races, all genders—creating and scaling new businesses to create stronger communities, scale creative solutions and expand our economy. “

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Notes from the SoCal Aerospace Expo

We spent a few days at the SoCal Aerospace Expo in Long Beach last week. Read about our favorite presentations and what we learned from the folks with whom we chatted on our blog.

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Published on
October 4, 2018