Weekly Roundup: Microscopic Killer Robots, Veterans, and Solving the Skills Gap

Justin Parker
VP, Operations and Marketing

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Each week, we select a handful of great reads covering advanced manufacturing and the people that make it possible.

Tiny Robots That Kill (Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria)

Afraid of robots taking your job? We disagree with that. Manufacturing gold nanorobots to combat infections? We agree with that. Berta Esteban Fernández Ávila, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego’s Jacob’s School of Engineering, has taken the first step towards creating an army of tiny medical robots. Next step: in vivo experiments. ASME’s write-up will allow you to geek out about all of the materials and techniques used.

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The 411 on Industry 4.0

Forbes takes a look at the current state of affairs within our industry; retiring workforce and inexperienced candidates and how technology can solve the disconnect. Feeling down about politics, tariffs, and the future in general? Pour yourself a cup of coffee, read this article and get excited about where we’re headed and how soon we can get there.

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Veterans: The Anti Skills Gap

Taking a look back at NIST’s “Guide to Hiring Veterans to Fill the Manufacturing Skills Gap” from August 2017 and all of its wonderful reminders about why veterans are such a great fit for the manufacturing industry and ways to implement a veterans hiring initiative. This topic is just as relevant today and seldom discussed. Having trouble filling roles within your company? Arm yourself with some of the knowledge from this article, and prepare to fight for talent.

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More on The Skills Gap

CNBC and Rockwell Automation discuss the booming manufacturing sector and the predicted 2 million unfilled jobs within the industry by 2025. Rockwell describes their industry leading stance on in-house training. Take note. The article touches on several of our favorite hot topics including upskilling, automation, and tariffs, so grab your reading glasses and enjoy.

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Tips to Land a Senior CNC Programmer Position

One of the hottest jobs in advanced manufacturing right now, landing a high-paying Senior CNC Programmer Position may be easier than you think. We detail 10 tips and a bonus secret to help level up in the application process.

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Published on
September 12, 2018