Weekly Roundup: NAFTA, The Talent War and Women in Aerospace

Justin Parker
VP, Operations and Marketing

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Each week, we select a handful of great reads covering the latest news in aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

The A is for Autos

The automotive industry has been a central point in the recent NAFTA negotiations. An in-depth look by Stratfor reveals how the intricacies of the integration of U.S., Canadian and Mexican suppliers affects the impact of the negotiations. Spoiler alert: it’s complicated.  

Read how Trump's Tariffs would Disrupt the Auto Industry

UpSkilling Update

Bookmark this one. The Aspen Institute made its third major update to its Upskilling Playbook for Employers. The website provides a useful collection of articles, how-to guides and case studies covering all aspects of upskilling the workforce. The latest update covers over a dozen new programs launched in 2018 covering everything from professional apprenticeships, pre-employment training and degree attainment.

Read About Upskill America

The Future – Whataboutit?

Raconteur published a Future of Manufacturing report in the Sunday Times (UK not NY) that covers a broad array of topics including the impact of US tariffs, what “new collar” jobs really mean, and future future stuff like augmented reality in manufacturing. The great content and excellent graphics make this worthy of a leisurely Sunday morning read.

Read about 4th Industrial Revolution through Reshoring; they got you covered

Women Soar in Aerospace

By 2019, three top Aerospace firms, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman, will be led by female CEOs. While women still represent just 25% of aerospace workers, this article covers key changes that the industry has made to increase the number of women in senior roles.  

Read In the Aerospace Industry Female Executives Soar to the Top

The War for Talent

More time off. Free lunches. Onsite gyms. Employee perks aren’t just for Silicon Valley tech workers anymore. We cover some of the latest developments in the evolution of working environments in the industry and how employers are thinking outside the box when it comes to attracting and retaining employees.

Read Manufacturing's War to Woo Top Talent

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Published on
August 30, 2018