Weekly Roundup: Printing Train Parts, Robots Creating Jobs, and Gender Pay Gap Abroad

Justin Parker
VP, Operations and Marketing

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Each week, we select a handful of great reads covering advanced manufacturing and the people that make it possible.

Robots Creating Jobs (as we’ve been saying…)

Is your office-mate afraid of robots taking over? Might want to send them this article (and some calming chamomile tea). Cluster's position has always been that advances in technology will be a good thing. Now the idea is being backed up by research and in this case by the World Economic Forum, which predicts that the rise of machines, robots, and algorithms could create 133 million jobs over the next decade.

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Gamification of Training for the Millennial Workforce

The famous words of Charlie Brown’s teacher, "wah wah woh wah wah" are likely what millennials hear when sitting through classic company training programs. Companies are responding by gamifying training programs to boost engagement. Millennials (folks born 1981 and 1996) will make up 75% of the US workforce by 2025 and news flash, they grew up playing a lot of video games. Gamified training has been so successful that people are even electing to play the games outside of working hours. More on that in this article from Industry Week.

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Gender Pay Gap in Scotland’s Manufacturing Sector

Taking a look across the pond, the median pay gap in the manufacturing sector is around 10 per cent between male and female employees. The sector is participating in a “Taste Success - A Future in Food” campaign to promote job opportunities within the industry. And large companies are supporting the promotion of STEM subjects in schools as well as focussing on unconscious bias training. More from The Scotsman below.

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Additive Manufacturing Keeping Trains on Track

Who would guess that the vintage glamour of trains and railways would benefit from the futuristic technology of Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D printing)? Siemens Mobility took several leaps forward in 2015 when it began using Stratasys printers to make replacement train parts and now they even use the technology to make customized pieces like armrests for drivers. Forbes interviews Scott Sevcik, VP of manufacturing solutions at Stratasys, to learn more.

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Manufacturing Needs Humans More Than Ever (can we get this laminated?)

Can we have your attention please? Manufacturing truly needs humans more than ever. The industry is changing and a big part of that change has to do with the rise of AI and automation in manufacturing. However, the best manufacturers use robotics to assist (not replace) employees.

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Published on
September 20, 2018