Weekly Roundup: Training and Diversity to Combat the Skills Gap

November 23, 2018

Each week, we select a handful of great reads covering advanced manufacturing and the people that make it possible.

Titan Gilroy Says This Skilled Trade Can Fix A Lot Of Our Problems (Forbes)

Titan Gilroy is an ex-con and the current owner of TITANS of CNC, Inc. in Rocklin, California. He took a roundabout path into CNC Machining before founding his shop, which is now known for serving companies like Space-X, Aerojet, and Blue Origin. In this interview with Forbes Gilroy insists that “the skills gap is a lie” and the real issue is with training.

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Skills Gap Could Cost US Economy $2.5 Trillion Over Next Decade (IndustryWeek)

The tight labor market is affecting second and third tier suppliers who are not able to fulfill orders because they are not fully staffed. IndustryWeek interviewed Paul Wellener, vice chairman of Deloitte LLP and US Industrial Products and Construction leader, about the state of affairs. In fact, he shared that companies are currently working to combat the labor shortage by incorporating AI and focussing on retiree programs to retain knowledge. He suggests that companies focus on up-skilling and in-house training programs that actually move at the speed of business.

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Three Reasons Why Management Training Should Be Your Next Investment (Manufacturing.Net)

It may be counterintuitive, but the folks at Manufacturing.Net recommend taking valued employees off of the factory floor and inviting them to management training courses. Strong managers cultivate good relationships with their teams. Unsurprisingly, happy team members are more motivated, work more efficiently, and are less likely to search for a new job. In fact, there are 14 core competencies that lead to a healthy team.

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"We Belong Here" (Modern Machine Shop)

Emily Probst from Modern Machine Shop reflects on her experiences at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show. She noted that there was an all-female panel presenting on manufacturing data. As well as some awesome successful women highlighting their manufacturing careers as a welder, machine operator, and precision machine shop owner. Probst reminds us that inclusiveness is good for the manufacturing industry and that the “manufacturing labor pool might be larger than many of us realize.”

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CNC Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are just around the corner. Interested in a personalized gift? This is a great time for CNCers to show off their skills with CNCed presents. Make one yourself if you’re in the industry or request something special from your favorite skilled machinist.

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