Get to Know the Hardware Startups from Y Combinator's Demo Day 2020

Lawren Henderson
Staff Writer at Cluster

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Y Combinator, one of the country's top accelerator programs, held its latest Demo Day last week where over 500 participating startups demonstrated their offerings and pitched select investors. This year, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the companies made their presentations entirely online, and we've gathered the hardware companies looking to make a splash and raise some cash to scale their novel innovations.


San Francisco

Founded in 2016

Founded by an actual dentist, Cyberdontics is developing the world’s most advanced dental drill, and we mean advanced. The startup’s technology automates much of the oral surgery that dentists normally perform by hand. Dental crown procedures that typically take a few hours over multiple visits can be done in just 15 minutes, and at a cost of about $150. Cyberdontics aims to improve the patient experience and allow humanitarian dentists traveling abroad to meet the needs of people in developing countries who have little access to professional dental care. 

Exosonic, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

Founded in 2018

Long-haul flight times haven’t improved in fifty years, but Exosonic is attempting to change that by manufacturing a supersonic commercial aircraft that doesn’t produce a loud sonic boom, allowing them to fly over land. The muted jets would be able to fly from SF to NYC in just three hours. The company's founders have aerospace engineering backgrounds, and managed to secure a letter of intent from a major airline as well as a $300,000 U.S. Air Force contract to develop a militarized version of the jet.


Bengaluru, India

Founded in 2017

Morphle wants to replace outdated analog microscopes with advanced scanners that use robotic automation to provide high-resolution images. The company’s one-size-fits-all device scans the region of interest within microscope slides to capture perfectly focused images and then stitches those images into a single continuous virtual slide. The digital pathology platform is highly affordable while delivering state-of-the-art speed and unmatched resolution. 


Ann Arbor, Mich

Founded in 2018

Nimbus is looking to shake up the private ownership of passenger automobiles with its small, autonomous vehicles that users can order on-demand. The next-generation vehicle platform is designed for urban transportation, and intends to swiftly get passengers from point A to point B while reducing city congestion and tailpipe emissions. So far, the company has raised $260,000 from investors to advance its efforts in transforming urban mobility. 


Mountain View, CA

Founded in 2018

Good auto technicians can change a set of automobile tires in about an hour, but a RoboTire robot can do it in ten minutes flat. The startup has partnered with Mitsubishi robotics to engineer a mechanical tire changing system that can be licensed to service centers, dealers and other outlets for about $250,000. RoboTire closed a million-dollar seed round via Type One Ventures and Backend Capital, and is piloting its technology at Toole’s Garage, an auto repair shop in San Carlos, CA.


Greater New York

Founded in 2018

Somatic is engineering industrial robots to tackle one of the dirtiest areas you can think of – commercial restrooms (i.e., offices, airports, casinos, restaurants). The machine uses VR to train in spraying and wiping down surfaces, and relies on sensors to navigate its surroundings. It can even learn how to recharge itself, refill its cleaning solutions, and ride elevators to get to where it needs to go. The company has raised $300,000 in funding and leases the units to businesses at $1,000 a month.

Talyn Air

Los Angeles

Founded in 2019

A pair of former SpaceX engineers are behind the unique electric take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft being developed at Talyn Air. What sets the passenger aircraft apart is that it uses a custom rotary-winged drone to lift the vehicle into the air, then detaches and sends the eVTOL on its merry way, and then at the destination another rotary-winged drone intercepts the aircraft and guides it to its landing. The system is said to provide three times the range of other eVTOLs or 350 miles. 


Hyderabad, India

Founded in 2017

UrbanKissan has developed India’s first walk-in vertical farm. Even better, it commands just 1% of the land usage of traditional agriculture and uses zero pesticides. The vertical farms can be located near cities and use 95% less water than traditional farms all while producing 30x greater yields. Growers are able to pluck fresh produce from stacked hydroponic tables just minutes before delivery. UrbanKissan invites customers to pick produce at its location, or they can place their order from an app. 

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Published on
March 24, 2020