Starship Prototype Finally Doesn't Implode During Test

April 27, 2020

SpaceX's Starship has had a rough go since its debut last winter, but things are finally turning around. Previous prototypes of the rapidly-reusable rocket ship designed to one day fly to the Moon and Mars had failed one super cold cryogenic pressure test after another, imploding spectacularly on the launch pad. Well, last weekend the bright engineers at Elon Musk's aerospace company finally figured it out and got the darn thing to not collapse in a heaping pile of twisted debris. Next up, we'll see this gleaming gem get some air in a low-altitude flight test. Engineers will strap three Raptor engines designed specifically for the launch vehicle and execute a short hop of 492 feet, or 150 meter as soon as the FAA clears it for lift-off.

The full story at The Verge >>

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