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Members of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works for Startups program receive free access to exclusive tools, support and pricing to help you optimize your hiring process and scale your engineering team.

Cluster is partnering with Dassault Systèmes to provide 3DEXPERIENCE Works for Startups companies with special access to Cluster's hiring and upskilling platform. Cluster is the first talent marketplace built specifically for hardware companies and engineers. Startups will receive free and discounted access to hire from Cluster’s exclusive pool of ready-to-interview candidates.

Build a world-class engineering team with less effort.


Get access to a pipeline of qualified candidates

Thousands of engineers utilize Cluster to find jobs, training and industry insights. We will work with your team to identify and qualify the ones that best fit your needs.


Utilize free tools to manage your interviews with ease

Recruiting your team doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Manage your matches within Cluster or utilize our free lightweight ATS and interview guides to efficiently evaluate and close your team.


Access expert recruiting advice tailored to startups

Your first hires are the most important and often the most difficult. We’ve organized free tools, advice and downloads to help you build a great founding team.

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Are we eligible for Cluster?

Any active member of the 3DEXPERIEINCE Works for Startups program is eligible for access to free and discounted hiring help from Cluster. We also offer special pricing to new and recent alumni of the program.

What does it cost?

Qualified companies can post their first job for free and get free access to hiring tools, interview guides and expert advice. Cluster offers members exclusive pricing options for recruiting services that are tailored to growing startups.

Access our exclusive pool of ready-to-interview engineers.